Yesterday, December 3, World Day of People with Disabilities was celebrated.
In Spain more than 4.3 million people have a disability, and also many abilities.
At the Familia Torres Foundation we work with social entities with the aim of empowering people with disabilities and promoting their inclusion in the workplace, making visible all the talent and abilities that we frequently overlook due to prejudice.

This 2023 we have collaborated, among other entities, with Cooking For a Mission in the opening of their purpose-driven restaurant in Barcelona, She Bistro.

She Bistro is a restaurant where you can contribute to improving society while enjoying the best food. Its employees are mainly women survivors of gender violence and young people with intellectual disabilities. They offer them training, employment and community so they can build an independent future.
If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to visit them. You will find the restaurant on Santaló Street, 88.

Whether the future is inclusive will depend on the awareness and actions we take in relation to integrating diversity into everyday life.

This past Friday, November 24, the Autisme amb Futur association offered a solidarity pairing with the help of the Familia Torres Foundation and Xerigots in the emblematic and old winery Alfonso XIII on Vilafranca del Penedès, with all tickets sold out for days.

The event was led by Mireia Torres, president of the Familia Torres Foundation, and Gemma Urgell, co-owner of the Xerigots company, and consisted of a tasting of eight cheeses selected by Xerigots, four of Catalan origin and four of international origin, paired with four magnificent wines from the DO Penedès: Clos Ancestral and Clos Ancestral White, from the Familia Torres winery, and Jean Leon 3055 Rosé and Jean Leon 3055 Petit Verdot-Merlot, from the Jean Leon winery.

The association raised a total of €3,000 at the event, which will be added to the donations that can be made until December 12 on the Mi grain of sand portal and, thanks to Banco Mediolanum Autisme amb futur, will receive double the amount. total collected.

The money raised will be used to provide therapeutic and educational support to children and young people with autism, in order to improve their quality of life and that of their families.

Link for private donations:

At the beginning of 2022, our winery in Fompedraza (Valladolid) joined a cork recycling project promoted by the Parkinson Soria Association. A few days ago, the winery made its first delivery of cork stoppers, which the Sorian association takes to recycle so that they can be used and transformed into a new raw material indefinitely. Thanks to this work, the corks have a new life, and it helps Parkinson’s patients to continue enjoying the programs prepared for them in Soria.

In this way, with the collection and recycling of used corks in wineries, bars, restaurants, etc. environmental impact can be reduced. The project goes beyond wanting to obtain financial resources; it is framed in the circular economy, social responsibility, and health.

From the Foundation we thank the personnel involved for their participation in this social, solidarity and ecological project.

Maria Jordà, directora de Fundación Eurofirms, y Mireia Torres, presidenta de Fundación Familia Torres, han firmado recientemente un acuerdo que supone la formalización de la colaboración entre las dos entidades.

El objetivo de la colaboración es potenciar los dos ejes de trabajo de Fundación Eurofirms: la integración laboral de las personas con discapacidad y la creación de entornos laborales inclusivos en las organizaciones. Además, y persiguiendo estos mismos propósitos, el acuerdo contempla también la participación de Fundación Familia Torres en algunas acciones de sensibilización de las que realiza Fundación Eurofirms.

Maria Jordà, directora de Fundación Eurofirms, destaca que “este acuerdo supone un avance en la generación de oportunidades para las personas con discapacidad, y en la sensibilización de la sociedad respecto a ellas. Contar con entidades como Fundación Familia Torres para llevar a cabo nuestras acciones nos ayuda a superar barreras y a conseguir que cada vez más empresas se sumen para integrar plenamente a personas con discapacidad, valorando su potencial por encima de sus limitaciones”.

Por su parte, Mireia Torres, presidenta de Fundación Familia Torres, valora muy satisfactoriamente la relación que ha mantenido la entidad con Eurofirms desde hace 4 años y apunta que “con este acuerdo, queremos ratificar nuestro apoyo a Eurofirms y al excelente trabajo que están haciendo para ayudar a personas con discapacidad a integrase plenamente en la sociedad y convertirse, en muchas ocasiones, en ejemplos admirables de superación y perseverancia”.

As a result of the first call for aid from our foundation, we have selected, among other projects, the Bobath Store of the Bobath Foundation in Madrid, a pioneering healthcare entity in Spain in the comprehensive treatment of children and adults affected by paralysis or brain damage.

This project was born in 2014 with the aim of developing to the maximum the sensorimotor, cognitive and social skills of the users of the Day Center, from the focus of occupational therapy. The Bobath Store has a clear vocation of public service in which the benefits revert directly to the Foundation itself. More than 40 young people with cerebral palsy participate in this project making solidarity details for weddings, baptisms, communions, companies … Thanks to our financial support, these young people will be able to launch new products and ideas that they are developing, together with their therapists.

We encourage you to visit its website and product catalog at

Thanks to the solidarity contributions of Familia Torres collaborators and acquaintances, the Fundación Familia Torres has made the first donation of school supplies to benefit the Alt Penedès Red Cross.

30 packages have been delivered consisting of a squared A4 notebook, a white sheet A4 notebook, a color package, pencils and pens, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, children’s scissors, a bar glue and several plasticine bars.

During the health pandemic we are experiencing, helping families with school-age children who do not have resources has become one of the priorities of our foundation.

We again appreciate the contributions received and the support of our office supplies provider, Espai, for joining the initiative.

We continue with the fundraising. No matter how small your contribution, it will be of great help to these children and their families.

IBAN: ES97 2100 0033 1602 0104 2089

Concept: School Material CR

Request for a donation certificate:

Familia Torres collaborates, through the donation of food, with the solidarity initiative ‘Comer Contigo’, promoted by La Vanguardia’s channel ‘Comer’ with some chefs from Barcelona, with the aim to feed those who need it most during the current health emergency. Through its Foundation, the Penedès family winery has donated more than 2,000 liters of olive oil and about 1,000 kilos of basic food, from the distribution company of gourmet products Torres Import.

With the participation in this culinary project, the winery wishes to thank the solidarity of the restoration, despite the difficulties that the sector is going through due to the forced closure of its establishments, and to help those in vulnerable situations, one of the objectives of the Foundation Torres family who regularly collaborates with the ‘Banco de los Alimentos’.

‘Comer contigo’ delivers more than 1,000 meals a day in Barcelona prepared by a team of chefs led by Romain Fornell – from Caelis and Casa Leopoldo – to centers such as the Fundació Arrels, Cáritas, Madre Teresa de Calcuta, Hospital Clínic and Hospital del Mar, and works in coordination with other similar projects such as Health Warriors, Food for Good and World Central Kitchen to serve food to those who do not have the means to get it in full confinement.

Fundación Familia Torres continues to collaborate in the fight against Coronavirus with the donation of 30,000 surgical protection masks to different local and collective entities according to their needs. The donation of this material acquired through the intermediation of its subsidiary in China.

Almost half of the masks, 14,500 units, have been sent to the Consorci Sanitari de l’Alt Penedès Garraf as thanks to the work carried out by the health personnel; Another 14,500 masks have been distributed, with the collaboration of this entity, to about twelve nursing homes in the territory through the social health team that coordinates them and the NGO Aldeas Infantiles SOS. The Mas Albornà occupational center for people with disabilities, an organization with which the winery regularly collaborates, and the Familia Torres retirement community have received 500 masks.

The Torres family has also made its technology available to health professionals. For a month, the winery has been using its 3D printers to manufacture face protection screens, participating in a local initiative that brings together individuals, companies and entities, with the support of the Vilafranca city council. The maker team has already jointly produced 1,900 units with which it has covered the needs of health personnel from different centers in Vilafranca and the region.

More than half a thousand people participated in the sixth day of solidarity, which has had the collaboration of more than 50 local companies and entities

The Torres Family Foundation has celebrated this Saturday, November 30, in the winery of Pacs del Penedès, the sixth edition of the charity day ‘Get involved with La Marató’, which has collected 8,612 euros thanks to the contribution of more than 500 participants. As every year, the Foundation will double the amount collected and allocate a total of 17,224 euros to La Marató de TV3 for the research on minority diseases.

Mireia Torres, President of the Torres Family Foundation, says: “We want to thank all the participants for supporting this solidarity initiative, the USOC for their generous contribution and for the volunteers and collaborating companies who, with their invaluable and selfless collaboration, have contributed to the success of this day for the benefit of La Marató de TV3.”

The good weather, the incomparable environment and the cozy space of the visitor center, with the garden at the foot of the vineyard, have come together in the celebration of this new edition, which has been made possible by the collaboration of 50 volunteers and more than 50 companies and entities in the region. Throughout the day, participants enjoyed various gourmet activities, such as blind tapas, Iberian, cheese or sushi pairings, or popular food, all with great participation.

The novelty this year has been the activity ‘Make your own wine’ by the cellar Jean Leon, which has also been a success. Scheduled outdoor activities, such as the electric scooter route between the vineyards, as well as the various crafts and children’s activities to introduce the little ones to the world of vineyards, have exhausted the places.

The cultural and musical performances were also well received, starring the band of the M. Dolors Calvet Municipal School of Music, the Country Social Club Vilafranca, the Swing Vilafranca Group and the Rovell d’Ou children’s group, in addition of the performances of the Xicots and the Falcons of Vilafranca. The end of the day was a chocolate and a prize draw among all the participants.

Familia Torres Foundation donates 4,000 euros to be used to buy basic food. The Banc dels Aliments of Barcelona is a Foundation whose main objectives are to avoid waste by recovering surpluses of food suitable for human consumption and fighting against poverty, by delivering them to people in situations of food precariousness in our environment.

On this occasion, the campaign chosen was “More baby food”, an initiative aimed at buying baby food to meet the nutritional needs of 16,817 children, aged 3 to 15 years, and 2,984 newborns.

During this year 2019 we have also collaborated in the “No child without moustache” milk collection campaign organized by the banking entity La Caixa for the benefit of Banc dels Aliments.

The ceremony, held on Monday, November 11th at the headquarters of the Banc dels Aliments Foundation, was attended by Marta Torres Rosselló, vice president of the Torres Family Foundation and Roser Brutau i Basté, president of the Banc dels Aliments Foundation of Barcelona.

The Banc dels Aliments does not distribute food directly to users, but provides food to the network of social initiative entities that distributes them to people in vulnerable situations.

Familia Torres Foundation also collaborates annually with the Ressò – Rebost Solidari Association of Vilafranca del Penedès, beneficiary of Banc dels Aliments.

With this type of actions, in addition to collaborating with the most needy society, we are contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions since, in the production of food, in its transformation, in its transport and commercialization, resources and energy are used, which It represents an environmental impact that is measured in tons of CO2 equivalent. If food is wasted, it is wasted energy. Therefore, recovering them for people’s food means that this energy is not wasted, which represents a saving of environmental impact and a measure to fight against climate change.