Familia Torres Foundation

The Foundation was founded in 1986 by Miguel Torres Carbó, under the Presidency of his wife, Margarita Riera Puig. In 2004, Waltraud Maczassek, wife of Miguel A. Torres, president of Bodegas Torres, took over and since 2017 she has served as honorary president. Currently the Foundation is chaired by Mireia Torres Maczassek, fifth generation of the Familia Torres.


To contribute to achieving a world with opportunities for everyone through cooperation for development and solidarity with children.


The values that guide the actions of the Foundation are:





  • Caring for children by promoting education and equal opportunities through collaborations with NGOs and associations.

  • Strengthen the empowerment of women by carrying out initiatives to ensure the social integration and well-being of their families.

  • Support initiatives that improve the living conditions of groups with specific needs and at risk of exclusion.

  • Generate and develop cultural / educational programmes and certain local cultural institutions, to support corporate social volunteering programmes, collaboration with environmental initiatives and to meet the different needs of our Torres Group retirement community.