On February 7, the second solidarity dinner organized by Mans Unides was held at the Semproniana restaurant run by chef Ada Parellada. All the dinner dishes were cooked with food discarded from the commercial circuit that, if not used for this dinner, would have been wasted.

A total of 75 people attended, including the Minister of Social Affairs of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Director of Cooperation of the Barcelona City Council, as well as members and friends of the entity.

Everyone was able to taste the wines that were donated from the Familia Torres Foundation, specifically Jean Leon Xarel·lo for the first course and Atrium Merlot for the second.

The collection obtained was 2,806 euros, which will be used to buy food for the Syrian population affected by the terrible earthquakes, which have left thousands of people homeless. This contribution is added to the €40,000 that have already been sent from the headquarters of Manos Unidas for emergency aid due to the earthquake.

“After the devastating earthquake, with its epicenter in southern Turkey, which took place in the early hours of Monday, February 6, and which has left thousands dead, injured and missing in the south of the country and in the north of neighboring Syria , Manos Unidas has been in direct and permanent contact with its local partners in Aleppo, one of the Syrian cities hardest hit by the earthquake.”

If you are interested in making private donations, you can do so through the website https://colabora.manosunidas.org

Last Friday, November 4, we visited the Actua social initiative cooperative, where the Families Project funded by the Familia Torres Foundation takes place.

This is a therapeutic project led by two psychologists from Actua and who attend to children and young people from the residential centers that the organization manages in Penedès. The entity oversees the development and management of socio-educational action projects for the social promotion of people, the prevention of situations of social vulnerability in children and young people and the improvement of coexistence.

The visit also served to get to know the people who work there and to get to know the facilities they have in Vilafranca del Penedès.

It is always a pleasure to visit the entities with which we collaborate, and thus strengthen the relationships that make possible the social projects we support.

At the beginning of 2022, our winery in Fompedraza (Valladolid) joined a cork recycling project promoted by the Parkinson Soria Association. A few days ago, the winery made its first delivery of cork stoppers, which the Sorian association takes to recycle so that they can be used and transformed into a new raw material indefinitely. Thanks to this work, the corks have a new life, and it helps Parkinson’s patients to continue enjoying the programs prepared for them in Soria.

In this way, with the collection and recycling of used corks in wineries, bars, restaurants, etc. environmental impact can be reduced. The project goes beyond wanting to obtain financial resources; it is framed in the circular economy, social responsibility, and health.

From the Foundation we thank the personnel involved for their participation in this social, solidarity and ecological project.

Maria Jordà, directora de Fundación Eurofirms, y Mireia Torres, presidenta de Fundación Familia Torres, han firmado recientemente un acuerdo que supone la formalización de la colaboración entre las dos entidades.

El objetivo de la colaboración es potenciar los dos ejes de trabajo de Fundación Eurofirms: la integración laboral de las personas con discapacidad y la creación de entornos laborales inclusivos en las organizaciones. Además, y persiguiendo estos mismos propósitos, el acuerdo contempla también la participación de Fundación Familia Torres en algunas acciones de sensibilización de las que realiza Fundación Eurofirms.

Maria Jordà, directora de Fundación Eurofirms, destaca que “este acuerdo supone un avance en la generación de oportunidades para las personas con discapacidad, y en la sensibilización de la sociedad respecto a ellas. Contar con entidades como Fundación Familia Torres para llevar a cabo nuestras acciones nos ayuda a superar barreras y a conseguir que cada vez más empresas se sumen para integrar plenamente a personas con discapacidad, valorando su potencial por encima de sus limitaciones”.

Por su parte, Mireia Torres, presidenta de Fundación Familia Torres, valora muy satisfactoriamente la relación que ha mantenido la entidad con Eurofirms desde hace 4 años y apunta que “con este acuerdo, queremos ratificar nuestro apoyo a Eurofirms y al excelente trabajo que están haciendo para ayudar a personas con discapacidad a integrase plenamente en la sociedad y convertirse, en muchas ocasiones, en ejemplos admirables de superación y perseverancia”.

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day and from the Familia Torres Foundation we want to congratulate you all.

Promoting the empowerment of women is one of our objectives and is part of our mission. In our foundation, the women of the Torres Family who form the Board of Trustees have been and are involved in the management of both cultural and social projects to improve our environment.

Carrying out initiatives that ensure social integration and their own well-being and that of their families, we ensure that women are the true protagonists of their lives.

Today we want to remember some of the most important and inspiring projects that we have been supporting for several years.

Between 2006 and 2008, the Familia Torres Foundation collaborated with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in the construction of a school and a vocational training center for more than 100 women from the Kadiri region (Anantapur – India).

For more than 10 years we have been collaborating with the ARED Foundation in Barcelona to accompany and personally and professionally train women from prisons in Catalonia.

Also in Barcelona, ​​together with BarcelonActua, we support women from various countries around the world for social and labor inclusion, along with school support for their children.

Finally, in 2022 we have begun to collaborate with the Fundación Horizontes Abiertos de Madrid, for residential care and psychological support for ex-prison women and women at risk of social exclusion with dependent children who do not have the training, work, family, and economic resources enough to live with dignity.You can find more information about these projects and about the foundation at https://fundacionfamiliatorres.org/

This December, the social entity BarcelonActua celebrates 10 years since its creation.

BarcelonActua is a project that was born with a clear vision: to create a socially cohesive Barcelona, ​​sensitive, supportive and involved in the social reality that surrounds it. A united Barcelona that, in the short and medium term, contributes to avoiding social exclusion and that, in the long term, allows us to enjoy the privilege of living in a city that is internationally benchmark in terms of citizen social responsibility.

In the act of celebration, a tour of the history of the foundation was made through its main milestones, told by the beneficiaries themselves and representatives of the collaborating entities.

This is how the work of the Torres Family Foundation, an entity that has supported BarcelonActua for five years, became evident. Mireia Torres, president of the foundation, had the opportunity to share our experience with those present.

Although our beginnings were specific, focused on young people and women in vulnerable situations who did not have the resources to access university or training courses, our relationship has intensified over the last few years until we became part of the BAC family.

In recent years we have prioritized the Women of the World program, with the aim of generating opportunities for women in vulnerable situations, most of them single mothers, empowering them through the creation of an intimate and comfortable space where they can share experiences and help each other. In this space, they also share tools and resources to access training courses, job offers and language improvement.

This 2021 our contribution has allowed us to grow and offer the Families of the World program, supporting more than 70 families. Through volunteers, 18 children have been offered school support online and 16 face-to-face, food aid to all families and coaching to 50 women: 28 of them have attended language classes and 25 have started professional training with excellent results. 7 of them already have a stable job! Among them, Yolanda (appears in the photo), beneficiary in 2019 and 2020 of a scholarship to improve employability financed by the Torres family Foundation, who has created her own business!

The Ared Foundation celebrated its most special night on October 28, a night full of enthusiasm and encounters, in the incomparable setting of the Palo Alto gardens.

With an attendance of 254 people, they managed to collect € 30,750 that will guarantee the employability, for a whole year, of the most vulnerable women who serve in Ared, through fair and dignified working conditions.

The Familia Torres Foundation collaborates annually in projects to increase the empowerment of women in vulnerable situations to facilitate access and reincorporation to the work market.

Ared was born 27 years ago in the tailoring workshop of Wad – Ras, the Women’s Penitentiary Center of Barcelona, ​​as an initiative promoted by five women deprived of liberty, students of a tailoring course, to offer training and a new opportunity of life once they left Wad-Ras.

Currently, they have cared for more than 12,500 people and inserted more than 3,800 women into the world of work.

The children of the CRAE Toni Inglés, located in the neighborhood of San Julián de Vilafranca, take over a vegetable garden in a pilot project of agriculture and teamwork.

The garden will serve to promote knowledge of nature and the life cycle and the acquisition of agricultural techniques.

The CRAE Toni Inglés, managed by the social initiative cooperative based in the Penedès Actúa, has just started a new organic gardening project. With this initiative, the children of the center will learn to grow and sow their first seeds and take care of the plants responding to their needs, to help them grow and finally be able to harvest and feed on them.

The project has been possible thanks to funding from the Torres Family Foundation and the collaboration of Ecoxarxa and the Vilafranca City Council; and it will allow children to discover the world of agriculture and the magic of the development of life.

This ecological garden will also be the starting point for various activities with educational benefits, but also with social benefits such as contact with nature, the acquisition of healthy habits, the creation of links with the environment and learning the value of resources such as Water.

Thus, the Ecological Garden wants to be a transversal learning tool, instill necessary values ​​in the little ones and generate opportunities for a more dignified future. Projects like this show that the joint work of various agents such as the administration, social entities and companies enables the creation of positive initiatives for all.

The Familia Torres Foundation annually allocates more than 100,000 euros to social projects, with the aim of supporting non-profit organizations that work to address the shortcomings of our society, with an emphasis on helping children and women, as well as well as the group of young immigrants.

Yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day and we want to make our collaborators participate in some of the most important and inspiring projects that we have supported for several years.

In collaboration with the Barcelonactua Foundation, the “Women of the World” project helps more than twenty women with children in socially vulnerable situations in Barcelona.

The project consists of a weekly group coaching meeting to work on self-esteem and foster bonds of mutual support, as well as the “Rebost Solidario” activity, which offers mothers fresh and protein foods weekly to contribute to their food security and a diet. healthy family member.

Derived from the same project, we also support “Empowered woman De-BAC” that offers training, social mentoring and labor insertion to women in vulnerable situations with the aim of improving their employability.

On the other hand, we also collaborate with the Ared Foundation to achieve the social and labor integration of almost thirty women in a situation of social exclusion, mainly women from prisons and social services.

Through the realization of personalized insertion itineraries, during 2020 and thanks to the Torres Family Foundation, the social insertion of most of the women assisted and of the children in their care was achieved through substantial improvement of their personal, professional, and economic autonomy.

One of our main objectives is to help women in situations of social vulnerability and promote their empowerment; We know that an empowered woman has the power to positively impact her family and her community, and that an empowered mother is capable of raising emotionally healthy and independent children.

As a result of the first call for aid from our foundation, we have selected, among other projects, the Bobath Store of the Bobath Foundation in Madrid, a pioneering healthcare entity in Spain in the comprehensive treatment of children and adults affected by paralysis or brain damage.

This project was born in 2014 with the aim of developing to the maximum the sensorimotor, cognitive and social skills of the users of the Day Center, from the focus of occupational therapy. The Bobath Store has a clear vocation of public service in which the benefits revert directly to the Foundation itself. More than 40 young people with cerebral palsy participate in this project making solidarity details for weddings, baptisms, communions, companies … Thanks to our financial support, these young people will be able to launch new products and ideas that they are developing, together with their therapists.

We encourage you to visit its website and product catalog at fundacionbobath.org