For the well-being of people, promoting education
and social integration


Familia Torres Foundation

Created in 1986 by Miguel Torres Carbó and currently directed by Mireia Torres Maczassek, ever since its beginnings, the Foundation has collaborated with organisations in over 400 partnership projects around the world. The current honorary President is Waltraud Maczassek.


The Foundation's priority

The Familia Torres Foundation activity has prioritized projects aimed at protecting children through building educational centres and foster homes for orphaned children at risk of social exclusion, in various countries throughout the world.

Over 400 projects

The more we take care of the earth and the environment.
The more we take care of ourselves.
We have the responsibility to share, in particular with those
groups most in need. Cooperating for development and promoting
a good education in childhood can contribute to
making a better world tomorrow.

Familia Torres