Yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day and we want to make our collaborators participate in some of the most important and inspiring projects that we have supported for several years.

In collaboration with the Barcelonactua Foundation, the “Women of the World” project helps more than twenty women with children in socially vulnerable situations in Barcelona.

The project consists of a weekly group coaching meeting to work on self-esteem and foster bonds of mutual support, as well as the “Rebost Solidario” activity, which offers mothers fresh and protein foods weekly to contribute to their food security and a diet. healthy family member.

Derived from the same project, we also support “Empowered woman De-BAC” that offers training, social mentoring and labor insertion to women in vulnerable situations with the aim of improving their employability.

On the other hand, we also collaborate with the Ared Foundation to achieve the social and labor integration of almost thirty women in a situation of social exclusion, mainly women from prisons and social services.

Through the realization of personalized insertion itineraries, during 2020 and thanks to the Torres Family Foundation, the social insertion of most of the women assisted and of the children in their care was achieved through substantial improvement of their personal, professional, and economic autonomy.

One of our main objectives is to help women in situations of social vulnerability and promote their empowerment; We know that an empowered woman has the power to positively impact her family and her community, and that an empowered mother is capable of raising emotionally healthy and independent children.