Collaboration with the Red Cross Alt Penedès

25 May, 2020

Thanks to the solidarity contributions of Familia Torres collaborators and acquaintances, the Fundación Familia Torres has made the first donation of school supplies to benefit the Alt Penedès Red Cross.

30 packages have been delivered consisting of a squared A4 notebook, a white sheet A4 notebook, a color package, pencils and pens, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, children’s scissors, a bar glue and several plasticine bars.

During the health pandemic we are experiencing, helping families with school-age children who do not have resources has become one of the priorities of our foundation.

We again appreciate the contributions received and the support of our office supplies provider, Espai, for joining the initiative.

We continue with the fundraising. No matter how small your contribution, it will be of great help to these children and their families.

IBAN: ES97 2100 0033 1602 0104 2089

Concept: School Material CR

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