The association has been selected by Banco Mediolanum, which will double the collection made at this gastronomic event.

Next Friday, November 24, the support association for families and people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Autisme amb Futur, is organizing a solidarity match with the help of Família Torres Foundation & Xerigots. It will be a pairing of four wines and eight cheeses conducted by the Xerigots and Familia Torres team.

The event will take place at 8pm in the emblematic Alfons XIII, the original winery of Familia Torres located at Carrer Comerç 21 in Vilafranca and will cost 30 euros per person. All proceeds will go entirely to Autisme amb Future. Thanks to the support of Banco Mediolanum, the entity will double the figure collected. Tickets can be purchased here:

Currently the association, which works for the inclusion and improvement of the quality of life of people with autism, provides services to more than 100 children and offers support to 200 families in its two centers, one in Vilafranca del Penedès and another in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

Xerigots is a cheese refining and marketing center based in Vilafranca del Penedès and they supply cheese to more than 400 restaurants, shops and other establishments in Catalonia and the state. Also, through their online store, they offer selections of cheese that they serve at home to end customers and organize activities to spread the culture of cheese. During its career, Xerigots has supported social and cultural activities and entities such as the Rebost Solidari, the Most Festival or the Castellers de Vilafranca, among others.

The Familia Torres Foundation was created in 1986 by Miguel Torres Carbó and his wife Margarita Riera. Since then, it has collaborated in more than 400 cooperation projects in 12 countries, promoted by public and private organizations. Currently, it is articulated in five areas of action: aid to children, women’s empowerment, improving the health of groups with needs and at risk of exclusion, the promotion of culture and humanitarian aid in natural disasters.

They are projects developed by the Fundació Privada Ared, Horitzontes Abiertos, BarcelonActua, Actua SCCL and Salut Sense Sostre

The Familia Torres Foundation, created in 1986 by the centenary Penedès family winery, announces the social projects in which it collaborates this 2022. There are five proposals from different national NGOs focused on the protection of children, the empowerment of women and the help to vulnerable groups, which the Foundation’s board of trustees has selected from among the 90 projects presented by 81 entities from all over the territory in this year’s call for aid.

Three of the projects in which the entity participates are aimed at helping women at risk of social exclusion. One of them is the social and labor integration program for women on probation promoted by the Fundació Privada Ared in Barcelona, ​​with the aim of providing support for the social and labor integration of 12 women from prisons.

The other two are the Hasen project of the Madrid Fundación Horizontes Abiertos, which provides residential shelter and support to vulnerable women and minors, as well as psychological support to reintegrate into society, and the BarcelonActua Foundation’s Famílies del Món program. This is aimed at single-parent families in a vulnerable situation to facilitate their linguistic integration, professional training and job placement, as well as offering support in the education of young children.

In the field of childhood, the Familia Torres Foundation participates in the Espai Familiar project of Actua SCCL, a non-profit social initiative cooperative, to give psychological care to minors and relatives of three Residential Educational Action Centers (CRAE) in Penedès. To help vulnerable groups, the entity collaborates this year with the Street Hospital of the Salut Sense Sostre organization, made up of volunteer doctors, nurses and psychologists that operates throughout Catalonia. Through this project, people living on the streets receive medical assistance in a mobile field hospital.

Beyond these five projects chosen by the board of trustees for this year, the Familia Torres Foundation has also joined the humanitarian aid to Ukraine through the purchase and shipment of food and essential products to serve the population that is forced to flee the war in his country. The intention of the Foundation is to continue providing aid through different organizations while the conflict lasts.

The children of the CRAE Toni Inglés, located in the neighborhood of San Julián de Vilafranca, take over a vegetable garden in a pilot project of agriculture and teamwork.

The garden will serve to promote knowledge of nature and the life cycle and the acquisition of agricultural techniques.

The CRAE Toni Inglés, managed by the social initiative cooperative based in the Penedès Actúa, has just started a new organic gardening project. With this initiative, the children of the center will learn to grow and sow their first seeds and take care of the plants responding to their needs, to help them grow and finally be able to harvest and feed on them.

The project has been possible thanks to funding from the Torres Family Foundation and the collaboration of Ecoxarxa and the Vilafranca City Council; and it will allow children to discover the world of agriculture and the magic of the development of life.

This ecological garden will also be the starting point for various activities with educational benefits, but also with social benefits such as contact with nature, the acquisition of healthy habits, the creation of links with the environment and learning the value of resources such as Water.

Thus, the Ecological Garden wants to be a transversal learning tool, instill necessary values ​​in the little ones and generate opportunities for a more dignified future. Projects like this show that the joint work of various agents such as the administration, social entities and companies enables the creation of positive initiatives for all.

The Familia Torres Foundation annually allocates more than 100,000 euros to social projects, with the aim of supporting non-profit organizations that work to address the shortcomings of our society, with an emphasis on helping children and women, as well as well as the group of young immigrants.

The Miguel Torres Foundation, continuing in the line of childhood aid, has this year collaborated with the Shanghai Baby Home Health Care Centre (China), financing two surgical operations for two girls, Huangmi and Wenmeng, both two years old and affected by serious genetic ear problems. Taking advantage of my promotional trip to Japan, I went over to Shanghai to visit the centre to see the altruistic work of doctors, nurses, caregivers and volunteers first hand, who help in the daily care of the children as well as in the maintenance and management of the centre.
From the Miguel Torres Foundation we want to congratulate everyone for their great work and especially the monitoring carried out by Anna Mata in Shanghai.