Collaboration with Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

07 October, 2019

Familia Torres has recently joined LEUCO’s as a point of sale, a solidarity initiative to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Ingrid was diagnosed with leukaemia in July 2018, with 10 years. Bad leukocytes had occupied her “blood factory” in the bone marrow. The only way to throw them out and have good white blood cells back was to undergo a long chemotherapy treatment. She spent the first month in a room on the 8th floor of Sant Joan de Déu, receiving chemotherapy and with restricted visits. Shortly after, she had the idea to create this project. Thinking about her illness, she created the LEUCO’S, small coloured leukocytes, full of hope.

LEUCO’s are coloured keychains and needles inspired by blood cells and handmade by Ingrid and her family and friends, which gives them emotional value.

There are many different models and you can get them in exchange for a donation of 4 euros in the visit center of Jean Leon and Familia Torres, or by contacting