Collaboration with Banc dels Aliments

02 December, 2019

Familia Torres Foundation donates 4,000 euros to be used to buy basic food. The Banc dels Aliments of Barcelona is a Foundation whose main objectives are to avoid waste by recovering surpluses of food suitable for human consumption and fighting against poverty, by delivering them to people in situations of food precariousness in our environment.

On this occasion, the campaign chosen was “More baby food”, an initiative aimed at buying baby food to meet the nutritional needs of 16,817 children, aged 3 to 15 years, and 2,984 newborns.

During this year 2019 we have also collaborated in the “No child without moustache” milk collection campaign organized by the banking entity La Caixa for the benefit of Banc dels Aliments.

The ceremony, held on Monday, November 11th at the headquarters of the Banc dels Aliments Foundation, was attended by Marta Torres Rosselló, vice president of the Torres Family Foundation and Roser Brutau i Basté, president of the Banc dels Aliments Foundation of Barcelona.

The Banc dels Aliments does not distribute food directly to users, but provides food to the network of social initiative entities that distributes them to people in vulnerable situations.

Familia Torres Foundation also collaborates annually with the Ressò – Rebost Solidari Association of Vilafranca del Penedès, beneficiary of Banc dels Aliments.

With this type of actions, in addition to collaborating with the most needy society, we are contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions since, in the production of food, in its transformation, in its transport and commercialization, resources and energy are used, which It represents an environmental impact that is measured in tons of CO2 equivalent. If food is wasted, it is wasted energy. Therefore, recovering them for people’s food means that this energy is not wasted, which represents a saving of environmental impact and a measure to fight against climate change.