The Familia Torres Foundation supports seven projects to help women and children

25 May, 2023

This year, the organization collaborates with Actua SCCL, Aldees Infantils SOS, Autisme amb Futur, Fundació Port Aventura, Fundació Privada Ared, Horizontes Abiertos and She Bistro

The Familia Torres Foundation, created in 1986 by the third generation of the Penedès family winery, collaborates this year in seven social projects of different state NGOs. The board of trustees has selected them from among 64 projects presented by 60 entities from all over the territory in the call for aid for this 2023. They are projects focused on the empowerment of women, the protection of children and help to vulnerable groups. In addition, each of them has the direct and personal involvement of one of the members of the Foundation’s board of trustees, which is made up of the women of the fourth and fifth generations of the Torres Family and the president of the winery, Miguel A. Torres .

Three of the chosen projects are aimed at children. The Espai Familiar project of Actua SCC, a non-profit social initiative cooperative, aims to provide psychological support to minors and their families in three Residential Educational Action Centers (CRAE) in the Penedès. The Dreams Village project, from the Port Aventura Foundation, focuses on welcoming boys and girls and family members who are going through a process of treatment or recovery from serious illnesses, offering them accommodation in the amusement park for a week to enjoy the facilities. The third project is from Aldees Infantils SOS, through which it provides financial support to a village located in Sant Feliu de Codines, which welcomes 50 children between the ages of 3 and 18 each year, temporarily, until they are found a host family or they can return with their families.

The Foundation is also collaborating this year with four projects to help women at risk of social exclusion. These are the program of accompaniment and orientation to the insertion of the Ared Private Foundation in Barcelona, which helps 25 women who have been victims of gender violence and are living in a situation of poverty and social exclusion; the Igualando talentos project of Horizontes Abiertos in Madrid, which provides help to vulnerable women to improve their employability through personalized training and professionalization itineraries, and finally, the program of the purpose-built restaurant She Bistro in Barcelona, which creates opportunities for women survivors of gender violence and young people with intellectual disabilities.

The Familia Torres Foundation is also collaborating this year with the association Autisme amb Futur del Penedès, which offers independent living resources to people with ASD who are beginning to make the transition to adult life. Beyond these seven projects where the entity collaborates throughout the year, specific resources are also allocated to other humanitarian aid organizations.

More than three million euros in the last ten years

Every year, the Familia Torres Foundation publishes a call for grants on its website to receive proposals aligned with its areas of action: helping children: contributing to improving the health of vulnerable groups; favor the empowerment of women; promote culture and collaborate financially in natural disasters. After the vote of the members of the board of trustees, the Foundation selects the projects to which it allocates an annual contribution in order to be carried out.

In the last 10 years, the organization has contributed more than three million euros to social projects, especially those focused on helping children, which are the ones that concentrate the most resources. As a novelty, this year each member of the board sponsors one of the projects, getting involved personally.

The Familia Torres Foundation was created in 1986 by Miguel Torres Carbó and his wife Margarita Riera. Since then it has collaborated in more than 400 cooperation projects in 12 countries, promoted by public and private organizations. The organization has been chaired by Mireia Torres, fifth generation of the Torres Family, for five years, after taking over from her mother Waltraud Maczassek, who maintains her involvement as honorary president.