Poetry recital in Sala Alfonso XIII

05 October, 2023

Last Tuesday, September 26, the historic Alfonso XIII ship was the setting for the celebration of a literary event. On this occasion, it was a poetry recital in which three authors (Mireia Calafell, Antoni Clapés and Corina Oproae) participated, within the framework of the “La Vila en Vers” festival.

Mireia Calafell (Barcelona, 1980) has published several award-winning books such as Poètiques del cos (Galerada, 2006), Costures (Viena Ediciones, 2010) and Tantes mudes (Periférico Ediciones, 2014). In 2019 she won the Mallorca Poetry Prize with the collection of poems Nosaltres, qui (La Breu, 2020). Antoni Clapés (Sabadell, 1948) is, in addition to being a poet, translator, editor of Café central for more than thirty years and promoter of several projects in the field of visual arts. In the field of poetry, Clapés has published more than twenty titles, the last of which is Clars, aquest matí, són els teus records (La Breu, 2020), a compilation of his most notable works in which he reflects about language, silence and poetry. Finally, Corina Oproae (Fagaras, Romania, 1973), also a poet and translator who has lived in Catalonia since 1998, has published A Thousand and One Deaths (La Grúa, 2016), Intermitencias (Editorial Sabina, 2018), Temprana Eternidad (Book Hunt , 2019) La mà que tremola (Balbec, 2020) and Desde donde amar (Pre-textos, 2021).

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After the recital, attendees were able to enjoy a glass of wine.